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Rabbit Light Bunny Boo Boo

Bunny Boo Boo is a sweetheart, quiet and affectionate. She is a yearling and ready to be bred this season.She is sister and close companion of Creamy.


She is the daughter of Jesta Farms Venture Pearl, the best of my milkers, and Rabbit Light Pumpkin, a beautiful moon spotted buck, we nicknamed "Mr. Hollywood," a son of Lynnhaven KB Crown Point Light.

The Details

  • Born: June 6, 2016

  • Feed: Mother's Milk, Organic Hay, Lots of Love

  • Pedigree: ADGA - AN1889381

  • Mother ADGA: Jesta Farm Venture Pearl - AN1657639 

  • Father  ADGA: Rabbit Light Pumpkin - AN1869466 

  • Price: $325

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